Administration of university

Rector - Professor,Doctor of Medical Scinces, Lesovoy Vladimir Mykolyvich

Vice Rector of Research and Educational work-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Kapustnyk Valeriy A.

Vice Rector of International Relations-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences Markovski Vladimir D.

Vice Rector of Research and Educational work-Professor,Candidate of Medical Sciences Letik Ivan V.

Vice Rector of Research and Educational work-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Miasaedov Valeri V.

Vice Rector of AEW-  Zalevsky Boris A.

Vice Rector of Personnel MattersZubarev Alexander E.

Chief AccountantBaranova Ludmila A.

Director of LibraryIvanova Izabella S.

Head of Legal DepartmentOmelchuk Elena G.

Executive Secretary of Selection CommitteeOgnev Viktor A.

Head of International Relations DepartmentFedorova Valentina A.

Head of Teaching DepartmentLebid Lidya V.

Head of Postgraduate Education DepartmentLitvinenko Olena U.

Dean of 1st Medical Faculty-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Tereshenko Anatoliy A.

Vice Rector of International Affairs-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Zavgorodniy Igor V.

Dean of 3rd Medical Faculty-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Panchenko Mykolay V.

Dean of 4th Medical Faculty-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Minukhin Valeriy V.

Dean of Foreign students training faculty-Professor,Candidate of Medical Sciences  Marakushin Dmitriy I.

Dean of Postgraduation faculty-Professor,Candidate of Medical Sciences  Viun Valeriy V.

Dean of Dentistry Faculty-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Nikonov Viktor V.

Director of Ukrainian Scientific Centre-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences  Pitko Valeriy A.

Director of Hygiene Institute-Professor,Doctor of Medical Sciences,Academician UAEN  Nikolenko Evgeniy Y.

Head of Intellectual Department-Associate Professor  Evtushenko Tamara G.

Admission Office:

Phone: +380 99 1641698

Fax: +380 57 7050096