History of University

Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) has glorious historical path from the faculty to a higher educational institution which trains not only highly skilled doctors, but also educational and scientific personnel for medicine.

Грамота Олександра I  History of higher medical education Kharkov covers 200 years and is closely connected with the history of Kharkiv National University. VNKarazin because of the medical faculty of the University conducts its history Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU).

Типографський відтиск свідоцтва про закінчення медичного факультету Імператорського Харківського університету (1836)

Faculty of Medicine, taught and worked in practical medicine well-known scientists who have made the glory of the national science professors DF Lyambl, LS Tsenkovskyy, IP Schelkovo, VP Krylov, IP Lazarević, VG Lashkevich and others. Here, educated and have competence in various fields of medicine professors: Surgeons AG Podryez and M. Trinklera, PI Shatilov therapist, ophthalmologist LL Girshmana, physiologist VY Danilevskiy and many others. That the Medical School professors were performed while the first operation in the Russian Empire ovariotomy, total gastric resection, operations on the heart, made significant scientific discoveries.

Колегія професорів медичного факультету Імператорського Харківського університету (1853)  Imperial Kharkov University, and in particular its medical faculty have played a prominent role in the Kharkov region. He sent their best representatives for providing quality medical care the soldiers during the war, civilians, which threatened various epidemics.

On the initiative of professors of the medical faculty was established Kharkov Medical Society, which exists today. In 1910 the society opened in Kharkiv Women’s Medical Institute. In 1887 for the Medical School was built a special building for the anatomical theater in 1896 – four separate clinics: therapeutic, surgical, obstetric and Ophthalmic.


Клініки та аудиторії медичного факультету Імператорського Харківського університету

In 1920 Kharkiv University was canceled, it merged with the Medical Faculty Women’s Medical Institute was formed as a result Kharkiv Medical Academy, a year later, in 1921, was renamed the Kharkov Medical Institute. It had two faculties: medical and preventive odontology.

Among the instructors were outstanding scientists and academics Professors: anatomist VP Vorobyov, which zabalzamuvav with his students the body of Lenin, physiologist VY Danilevskiy – one of the founders of endocrinology and physiology of labor; surgeon VM Shamov , who first founded in Kharkov in Ukraine, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, the future academician and Lenin Prize winner, biochemist OV Palladin – founder of the Institute of Biochemistry, which now bears his name, Professor Emeritus: M. Trinklera, outstanding surgeon, a pioneer in aseptic Kharkiv, and MS Bokarius – founder of the Forensic direction in forensic medicine, neurologist AM Hrynshteyn and autopsist M.F.Melnikov-Razvyedyenkov, microbiologist M. Tsehnovitser and pharmacologist OI Circassians , O. Marzeev hygienist, dentist, YM Hofunh and many others.

Медична допомога під час бою

From the first days of the war of teachers and final year students went to the front, the Institute has been sent to evacuate, where he continued to work with the release of the doctors, so necessary and front and rear. In 1944 Institute reevakuyuvavsya to Kharkov.

The peaceful life of the institute began to rebuild educational base, improving the educational process. In 1949 Kharkiv Medical Institute (KMI) moved to 6-year period of study. At the Jubilee in 1955 the institute worked within the 53-s departments are headed by professors and 43 doctors and 10 assistant professors. The Institute for 3 faculties trained more than 3.5 thousand students.

During these years the Institute was under the Ministry of Health of the USSR and had a high professional status. He headed the Institute Professor. BJ Zadorozhny, Professor Emeritus Poznan Academy of Medicine, headed the departments of member of the USSR NN Solov’ev, Cor. Of the USSR VS Derkach, V. Belousov, E. Popov, USSR Academy of Sciences – DA Alpern, A. Utevskyy, EK Pryhodkova the State Prize BV Aleshin, Honored Worker of Science of the USSR: Professors I. R. Braude, GL Derman, M. S. Kharchenko and others.

In 1978 Kharkiv Medical Institute (KMI) was founded in the fourth faculty – Dental.

Ректор ХНМУ проф. Лісовий В.М. знайомить студентів з новою урологічною технікою

In 1994 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine-based Kharkiv Medical Institute (KMI) created the Kharkov State Medical Faculty. As a result of higher accreditation Kharkiv Medical School received the highest category, which it justifies today. Today in Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) taught in six faculties and 63′s chairs. In addition to the 4 Medical, there are dental faculty and postgraduate education. Research and teaching staff of the university has more than 700 people. Among them, 122 Professors and 236 Associate Professors, academic title of doctor and candidate of medical sciences are respectively 110 and 445 people. In the university is member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and two Corresponding Member of AMS of Ukraine, 4 laureates of State Prize of Ukraine, 18 distinguished scientists and engineers, 8 distinguished doctors, 2 Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, 37 full members of international and departmental academies of science.

Практичні заняття у блоці інтенсивної терапії в Інституті терапії; Академік Малая Л.Т. проводить заняття з молодими вченими

Total number of students enrolled in Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU), about 5 thousand people, among them 1024 foreigners. The university set up and successfully running 6 educational research and production associations: “Obstetrics and Gynecology,” Medical genetics, “Medradiolohiya”, “Therapy,” Urology “,” Surgery “.

In Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) are all conditions for learning and overall development of students. Wide field for scientific study provides Student Society. The most active and talented members of his graduation before receiving the recommendations of scientific work.

The Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) has the Union of Youth is a youth center and a national theater “Dialogue”, newspaper “Medical University, People’s History Museum is Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU). Under the leadership of the department of physical education and health staff of the University participated in sports competitions at various levels and often gets the victory.

Training and material resources of the Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) ordered 6 th school buildings. On the basis of the departments, which are located here, is in clinical training junior students. From the third year students enrolled on clinical bases. 40 clinical departments of the University are in clinical medical facilities and are equipped with 7500 beds. In 2005 it completed construction of academic dental clinic.


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